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Back to the Future: New Year's Letter 2005
Ask yourself: "Is my time NOW?"

Breakthrough Value of Premium Brain Support

Methylcobalamin Does You Good

Homocysteine: Medical Iceberg

Building Blocks for a Healthy Lifestyle

Next Generation of Nutritional Supplements ...
Working in the supplement industry can at times feel like having a front row seat at a three-ring circus. We focus on solid scientific approaches that deliver bioavailable, bioactive and biosafe benefits through state of the art suppplementation.

Heavy Metals: A Safe, Sensible and Scientific Approach
A practical implementation of the MEND paradigm for the systematic and ecological examination of bioavailability, bioactivty and biosafety.

Simple Solutions for Healthy Brains
Ask yourself: "What kind of brain and life do I want?" A systematic approach to brain health is essential for any sensible vision of a healthy brain and healthy life. "Feeling depressed" does not necessarily mean a person has major depression. More than an antidepressant trial is required for the successful diagnosis and treatment of "depression".

Good Health Begins with the Brain (Part 1)

Birth of the Dream in Action (Part 2)

Brain Health Begins Real Reform (Part 3)

FAST System for Good Health

Beyond the Cure
Ask yourself: "Do we want to invest in good health or worry about how we will afford or finance the cost of the cure?" Vital medicine uses scientific and practical tools to develop good health (Health Development). Anticipating health risks and making appropriate changes in civil and medical infrastructure can eliminate the conditions required for the occurrence and spread of many diseases. (Risk Anticipation).

Good Health Strategies

BMI Calculator

B Vitamins and Breast Cancer Reduction

Pyramid of Success


TUNE IN to the second episode ("Forest for the Trees") of WAWDM (Wonderful Amazing World of Dr. Mac).

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