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Good Health Begins with the Brain

"GOOD HEALTH assigns a premium value to brain support. True brain power comes from knowledge in action. MEND Solutions™ relies on Nature's purest ingredients. They are the ways and means for a healthy brain and rich life. When life presents opportunities and challenges use these tools to increase your chances of success."

Carl R. Hansen, Jr., M.D.
Founder and President

Part 2: Birth of the Dream in Action

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ACTION IS EVERYTHING when it comes to dreams. The dream of the science (Developmental Neurobiology and Ecology DNE) and the discipline of Medicine (Developmental Neurobiological and Ecological Medicine DNEM - MEND) was quietly born in 1972. I believed and set out to show systematic thinking puts to rest the GENE versus ENVIRONMENT debate and creates a path to GOOD HEALTH. Developmental Neurobiology and Ecology, Inc. (dba MEND) was incorporated in Minnesota during the fall of 1991. MEND Solutions™ came to market in 2000.

Mending our world begins with taking care of the ecology "between our ears." We can talk about heart, breast, prostate, lung, endocrine, immune, and other diseases, but the greatest tragedy in medicine and our society is how little systematic attention has been given to the brain. Please join me in the change.

MEND is a commercial enterprise. Commerce is essential to meet the public's needs. It also generates tax revenue. Taxes support the public infrastructure and good government. Non-profit organizations and governmental agencies usually do not produce tax revenue. MEND was set up as a for-profit corporation and will remain a for-profit enterprise. We want to pay our fair share.

Taxpayers deserve responsive representation and government action that supports the common good.

GOOD HEALTH belongs in the forefront of everyone's mind and action. Funding "sickness care" benefits for a segment of government employees, however, is overwhelming the capacity of our government to USE OUR TAX DOLLARS:

  • to educate our children
  • to build and repair our transportation systems (e.g., roads)
  • to meet the fundamental responsibilities of good government

ALL government employees have a responsibility to stay healthy. In so doing, they reduce the burden on the taxpayers. GOOD HEALTH assures that we have the capital resources to fund the schools, roads, and good government programs that require their labor and brain-power.

When people work to develop their full potential and enjoy the fruits and benefits of their efforts, they are in "Pursuit of Happiness." It is everyone's birthright. To guarantee the "Pursuit of Happiness," the brain must given the opportunity to reach its full potential, and then work properly. See why the brain support products and GOOD HEALTH information offered by MEND Solutions™ were created? It was done with you and future generations in mind.

You're probably not surprised that Premium Brain Support™ is our flagship product. For a variety of reasons, people throughout the world do not supplement with a product like Premium Brain Support™, nor do they eat foods containing comparable amounts of its key ingredients.

It is unfortunate, but not surprising. For example, it took about a century before Iodine deficiency was attacked as a global problem! The local Kiwanis Clubs around the world were inspired and took on this problem. They figured they would need to raise 70 million dollars to give people freedom from the burdens of Iodine Deficiency Disorder, a condition robbing the world of unimaginable resources and human opportunities. They have methodically and quietly raised the necessary money to implement their dream.

Kiwanians took the words of President John F. Kennedy and extended them to the world:

"Think not what the world can do for you, but what you can do for the world."

Just picture it! In only a few years, people, throughout the world, gained an incredible guarantee of GOOD HEALTH. They confirm it daily when they take their Iodine. Iodine is a key micronutrient supporting their brain. Through it, science, medicine, commerce, and the Kiwanis have given the world new opportunity in the "Pursuit of Happiness."

No doubt you see the importance of commitment to brain support and GOOD HEALTH in protecting everyone's right to the "Pursuit of Happiness."

Science and medicine have clearly defined what needs to be conquered by demonstrating what happens to people without essential supplementation. The U.S. Congress has mandated supplemental fortification of food because it appreciates the value of supplementation for the brain. Imagine what it would be like for you without Iodine, Iron, Vitamin B-12, Folate, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and clean water. Too many people in many parts of the world live out their short and unhappy lives without them. Their lives are fore-shortened because of these easily remedied nutrient deficiencies.

The questions are so elementary, the actions so straight ahead. If you don't support your brain, do you really believe you can have a healthy brain, a healthy life? If you don't support your brain, are you really pursuing a happy life and being the person you were meant to be?

At MEND Solutions™, we are committed to helping people grasp the answers and acquire the tools needed for GOOD HEALTH. When this happens everyone helps the GOOD HEALTH change move forward. The GOOD HEALTH change will and must move forward because it empowers everyone in their "Pursuit of Happiness." The brain deserves to be honored; the brain is the instrument of a happy, healthy life.

Let us remember: healthy brains and GOOD HEALTH guarantee the "Pursuit of Happiness." The time has come to eliminate:

  • brain prejudice
  • brain discrimination
  • brain disease
  • brain disability

In this endeavor, we continue the work of the Founders of America, Lincoln and his abolitionist Republican Party, Women's Suffrage, and the Child Labor Movement. The benefits of a healthy brain and GOOD HEALTH belong to everyone. Please share in the dream that created Campaign GOOD HEALTH™.

Carl R. Hansen, Jr., M.D., President and Founder of MEND
(Developmental Neurobiology and Ecology, Inc.)
October 23, 2006

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