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Vital Medicine: Moving Beyond The Cure to Health Development and Risk Anticipation

Ask yourself: "Do we want to invest in good health or worry about how we will afford or finance the cost of the cure?"

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What is the MEND Vision?

Healthy brains and healhty lives.

Why focus on healthy brains and healhty lives?

Healthy brain development and brain disease represent the most pressing medical problems throughout the world. As the result of problems during pregnancy and the first five years of life, the brain often fails to develop properly.

Achieving a healthy and successful life becomes much more challenging and at times impossible without extraordinary and costly support.

What is the MEND Strategy?

To help people achieve the MEND Vision through health development and risk anticipation. We refer to it as "The Vital Medicine Strategy."

What is Vital Medicine?

Vital medicine uses scientific and practical tools to develop good health (Health Development).

Anticipating health risks and making appropriate changes in civil and medical infrastructure can eliminate the conditions required for the occurrence and spread of many diseases. (Risk Anticipation).

How does the FAST System for GOOD HEALTH(TM) fit in?

In America and other countries, there is no systematic approach to either health or disease.

Diagnosis, prevention, and curative strategies put the cart before the horse.

The FAST System is a transformative engine for health development and risk anticipation.

(F)ood Selection
(A)ctivity - both mental and physical

Its design is simple, practical and scientifically sensible. It corrects "crisis-oriented" imbalance inherent in modern medicine.

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