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The Premium Brain Support Advantage

• Supports the production of neurotransmitters needed to improve mood, memory and focus.

• Contains essential nutrients to drive the repair and regeneration of brain cells damaged by age and stress.

• Lowers homocysteine, a toxic amino acid tied to dementia, depression, hardening of the arteries and peripheral nerve damage.

• All ingredients are inspected for purity at the manufacturing facility, and each product lot is tested by an independent laboratory to guarantee quality and safety.

Science Enhances Your Mood, Memory & Focus

Carl R. Hansen, Jr., M.D. Creator of Premium Brain Support

Do you want want to enjoy the benefits of better mood, memory, energy, and focus? Believe it or not, it’s easier than ever to achieve these things.


With Premium Brain Support from MEND Solutions.

Drawing on over thirty years of neuroscientific research as a medical doctor, I designed Premium Brain Support to meet the nutritional needs of the body’s most important, high-energy organ - The Brain.

You may be amazed how well you feel after taking Premium Brain Support. Many simply won’t go without it. They quickly notice negative changes in mental clarity, energy and enthusiasm if they run out or stop taking it.

In a fast-paced, demanding world we all strive to stay at the top of our mental game. Those who want an edge over the competition choose Premium Brain Support to increase productivity, sustain focus and bolster themselves against the mental decline associated with age and stress.

Carl R. Hansen, Jr., M.D.
Creator of Premium Brain Support

Count on Dr. Hansen ...

Solutions for ones receptive to the superior virtues of brain support.


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Premium Brain Support™ (120 capsules)

It's no longer a secret, the answer is simple - Premium Brain Support™

Brain Support™
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Enhance Your Mind,
Enhance Your Life